Long Distance Moving

When you’re planning a long-distance move, the crucial urge is to have a reliable transport company with a trusted name and a proven record of great work.

We can recommend company for long distance moving that we used.

The Long Distance Movers Company situated in Dallas, TX, has all required registrations and authorizations (of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation), which are necessary to move the belongings of clients across states and countries. They also do a thorough background check of all our employees before hiring them, provide extensive training, and make sure they pass the exam before assigning them to a job.

The long-distance moving consists of several stages:

  1. Requesting your quote. At this step, you receive a preliminary price.
  2. Scheduling your survey for apartment movers or office, storage facility, enterprise, etc.
  3. Make the survey. During this stage, all your premises are checked, the list of items to be moved is formed, and our specialist estimates the need for packing or special conditions of transportation of valuables and large-size items.
  4. Receive the final quote, which is the guaranteed price you pay, it will not change afterward.
  5. Sign the contract for moving. This is also called the Bill of Lading and it is a document that authorizes us to move your belongings, make sure they’re in safety, and select the type of insurance you need.
  6. Packing, labeling, and loading.
  7. Transporting to a new location.
  8. Unpacking in the scheduled time.

The longdistancedallas company makes sure you are completely satisfied with moving. All your belongings are marked and check-listed so to control loading and unloading to avoid damages and missing items. All our senior movers are specially trained, wear the uniform, and our trucks are branded so to refrain from any possible confusion.

And remember that selecting the movers’ company with many years of hands-on experience, responsible attitude to their business, and country-sized transportation network makes sure you’re in good hands during all stages of your moving process.