Call for papers

Please send your abstract as an e-mail attachment to  using the abstract form (in Word for Windows) which can be downloaded from this web site. Abstracts sent by fax or mail will not be considered.

Submission deadline: February 10, 2016.

On receipt of the abstract a confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address of the corresponding author. Acceptance or rejection of the abstract will be notified to the e-mail address of the corresponding author by March 11, 2016.


  •     The abstract must be in English;
  •     The abstract should not exceed 300 words;
  •     Please use MS Word for Windows;
  •     Write the title in bold type and please use capitals only at the start of each sentence;

The name(s) of the author(s), the institution and the town must be written in bold type. The authors name must be indicated in full (e.g. Smith Paul). Please use Arabic numbers to list different affiliations. Reference numbering should indicate which authors belong to each Institute/Hospital or Department mentioned on the field affiliation of all authors.

Once an abstract is accepted, the presenting author must submit a paid registration for the conference. Note that only one abstract may be accepted per registered presenter. Failure to register will result in automatic withdrawal of your paper from the conference program.